New Andromax Tab 7.0: Look alike, the performance Difference!










Smart Telecom perform flagship tablet PC to refresh, Tab Andromax 7.0. The look and the name can be the same, just the added frills ' new ', but certainly different performance matters.

Indeed, Smart Telecom does not refresh to the Affairs of the facelift aka replace look. However the features and offal in the kitchen was done the upgrade.

As a result, maybe some users will not be realized if Andromax Tabs already carried out refresher, anyway it looks exactly the same with the previous version.


The side design means no changes done Smart Telecom. Tablet PC with 7 inch screen landscape is still wrapped with the casing made from plastic and the back adorned with graded layer.

Gradations on the back of the casing is of course not just a sweetener. It is quite powerful for fist user more steadily, not slippery when holding the device.

The speaker holes are placed at the top rear of the casing. There are two holes embedded speakers. The Quality Is? Is the standard without any bass items also.

Beside it pinned kamera 3 megapixel capability. This is one of the features that are enhanced on the New Andromax Tab 7.0, because earlier versions only carrying 2 megapixels.















When is tested detikINET recorded, the quality of the camera's snapshots of the results is not then directly shot up drastically. Even so, there was a slight improvement of the result of photos taken of this upgrade. But don't expect quality aquisition time in dark conditions or minimal light.

On the front side, the distance between the edge of the display screen (bezel) still stretched wide enough. Giving rise to the impression of thickness from devices that the Rp kencur 1.6 millions.

2-megapixel camera is still a reliable price index at the front of the New Andromax Tab 7.0. There are no physical buttons on the face of this device, just touch icons on the left side down. Physical button embedded in its sides. Such power and volume at the top, is in harmony with the plugs the headset.

As for the down side is completed by a series of holes, reset SD card, RUIM, mini HDMI, micro-USB, and DC In.












The Performance Of

Well, if the display should be able to be the means to indulge the eye no change means from New Andromax Tab 7.0. Another case for the performance. This is because the device that brings the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is already dikatrol for the kitchen runway.

For the processor, New Andromax Tab 7.0 is already carrying the ARM Cortex A9 1 GHz. power has been upgraded from a previous version that is still immersed Cortec ARM A8.

A little bit of a difference in the ' brain ' embedded quite influential for computing Affairs. Especially about the speed of the displacement between the display and the application. With this new version feels more smooth.

Coupled with the presence of the Mali GPU 400 so that it is capable of lifting a better picture quality. Well, these factors influence if users want to spend time to ngegame. Including for enjoying videos, it seems quite able to accommodated technological with TFT display with a resolution of 1024x600 LEDS in the device.

Upgraded features on this device is also touching internal parts storage, where it has been enlarged to 8 GB than ever just given 4 GB.

Another Andromax functionality of Tab 7.0 is the user could be a walking hotspot. That can conjure up the device so the facility WiFi Tethering for up to five users simultaneously connected to the WiFi network.

You can access this setting up WiFi Tethering, want to exempt or limit it to (open) with a password. So users around You cannot be free to take the internet connection.

In essence, the device is simply fun to ' play '. The power of the battery is quite qualified. This section also includes the upgraded. From the previous measuring 3,000 mAh becomes 4,000 mAh. Until that time however the game goes so much longer, can be up to 6-8 hours depending on usage.

It's just that, the heat on the back of a little Tab 7.0 Andromax felt when playing time is already long enough.

DetikINET recorded also do testing with benchmark application Quadrant Standard and Antutu. Where the results are noted with the application are tested when 3110 benchmark Antutu. Whereas when it is tested with a Quadrant Standard, numbers achieved is 1513.

While the default application in the Andromax Tab 7.0 is the same as the previous version. The user is offered with a choice of Smart Telecom Store, Invested, Customer Price Index Information, warehouse music and more.















CDMA2000-1 x EVDO Rev A (3.5 G) 800/1900Mhz
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor 1 GHz ARM Cortex A9
1024 MB RAM
7 inch TFT LED DISPLAY (1024 x 600)
Micro SD slot, up to 32 GB
Capacitive Multi Touch Screen
8 GB Internal Storage
Hi-Capacity Lithium Polymer Battery of 4000mAh
Wi-Fi Wireless Capability
Video Call Capability
Dual Camera: 3 MP Front Back & 2 MP
Google Apps
Built in GPS
Google Play Store
Bluetooth 2.1
RUIM enabled
Mini HDMI – enabled
Micro USB port 2.0
USB OTG enabled


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